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About the Marina

Marita and Paul Joseph Gast were water sports enthusiasts and so they decided to open their own port more than 40 years ago. The first private marina on the Rhine was built in 1976 in the former harbor basin on Weizenmühlenstrasse. In 2000, a new floating facility was built from 1.4 km of concrete jetties and anchored in today's media harbor at the sea dalves. Depending on the water level, the system slides up and down independently on these steel pylons, which are anchored 10 meters deep in the harbor floor.

The roots of the old Gast merchant family go back to 1848, when Johann Josef Gast opened the first merchant's shop near Aachen. In 1958, Paul Joseph Gast took over his parents' business and built the first self-service store with a size of 3000 m² in 1970 with colleagues who were friends. In 1974 he turned his hobby into a career. After visits to America, he was inspired by the idea of building a private Marina - Yachthafen - in Düsseldorf. In Düsseldorf's industrial port on Weizenmühlenstrasse, where the Mercedes Sprinter loading station is today, he built a facility made of Mannesmann Stahl with 120 boat berths himself. In 1980, Marina Düsseldorf entered into exclusive sales with the Taiwan-based brand "Ocean Alexander" and presented the yachts at BOOT Düsseldorf for 30 years.

In 2000, he built a new patented floating concrete jetty with his own labour. In 2002, the 600 tons floating harbour master's building was built by the harbour master himself. On 500 m², the building is divided under water into a workshop, showers, guest WC and social rooms. In the basement there is an event room and offices. Private rooms are located on the first floor.

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Rolf Gast took over the fortunes of the marina. He recognized that the market for yachts made of plastic with powerful diesel engines is not a sustainable future market. He decided to build his own ships out of recyclable aluminum or steel in the future.


Rolf Gast started the exclusive import of SEALEGS amphibious boats from New Zealand. The Marina Düsseldorf Sales & Rental GbR builds the aluminum ships exclusively for private and corporate customers. In 2018, the first professional rescue and work ship was delivered to the DEA oil platform at the Middelplate site in the North Sea.


Marina Düsseldorf Sales & Rental GbR entered into a joint venture with the SRF shipyard based in Harlingen, the Netherlands. Together they founded the brand for custom made houseboat CRUISING HOME. The aim of the joint venture is the high-quality construction of houseboats and cruise ships in the 12-20 meter class. In 2015, the first fully electric houseboat was launched at 15 meters. In 2017, a new class of seagoing houseboats was created for the first time, the CRUISING HOME Explorer class.

The evolution of the Marina


the marina is investing in its own ships for rental at the Düsseldorf location. Tenants and external customers can charter an original grill boat, the BBQ Cruiser, as well as an original Hamburg harbor barge for smaller celebrations and events.


During the Corona Pandemic, business areas such as events and the boat show come to a complete standstill.  Topics such as climate change, one's own carbon footprint and the pollution of rivers and seas are on the agenda. The marina is to be realigned and green. The close economic ties to the Netherlands, and the Innovative strength in the maritime sector against the plastic pollution of the rivers and seas were an incentive for Rolf Gast to introduce a wide variety of new products from the "Dutch Circulair Economy" in Düsseldorf. The first floating garden made of recycled plastic was installed in the Media Harbor together with Clear Rivers from Rotterdam. To reduce its own CO2 footprint, the marina invested in its own photovoltaic system on the main building. The marina obtains the additional electricity it needs from the Düsseldorf provider Naturstrom, which comes exclusively from renewable sources.


smaller wind turbines and a 20 KV generator will ensure the power supply even in the event of a blackout.
Introduction of CARE Diesel: A very decisive step for the marina towards innovative climate protection is the provision of synthetic diesel from renewable sources. Talk to us, we would be happy to advise you. Learn more about Neste Renewable Diesel
in this You Tube video! From now on, the marina is aligning its goals and activities with maritime environmental and climate protection, and is cooperating with various international partners to this end.


The marina awards the organization of events, as well as the port management to Lisa and Moritz Todisco. The goal is to become the leading provider of "green events with a low carbon foodprint". The 250 sqm2 floating event platform, as well as the 27 meter long historic flat-bottomed ship "Voorwaarts" will be transformed into the "VACATION CLUB". Together with the 3 event ships, Marina-Events now offers a unique event hotspot in Düsseldorf's Media Harbor. Whether, private parties, corporate events, concerts, lectures or other events, the Marina offers an exciting venue for all group sizes from 2-100 people. Learn more about this innovative business model and conditions at Marina Events.


Contact us

Marina Düsseldorf


Port Management
Operated by ONWATER


Headquarters of the port team in the main marina building

+49 211 39 43 69

Am Handelshafen 30

40221 Dusseldorf



6.45 East - 51.13 North

River kilometers: 743.1

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