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More than a berth, your quality time on the water - new, our added value concept for annual berths


Do you own a boat and want to broaden your horizons of experience? Discover lonely Rhine beaches without any problems and enjoy completely new experiences, such as a BBQ on the water.

Or do you want to enjoy the marina and the media harbor in winter while your boat is on land? No problem as we have 2 high quality and unique ships that allow you to do that and more.  


As an annual boater, you can now enjoy exclusive access to new leisure and service options. Turn your time in port into quality time and enjoy time together with your children, friends or family on board our ships. Please inquire about your current special tariffs.

Your berth in the Marina Düsseldorf


The Marina Düsseldorf is well known for water sports enthusiasts and travelers on the Rhine. We owe this level of awareness to our high level of comfort, cleanliness and service. The marina has 120 berths and has all the facilities you would expect from a high-quality city marina.



– Generous, wide and safe concrete walkways

– Edge protection and dispenser

– Guarded 24/7, 365 days

– Flood-proof and ice-free


Cleanliness & environmental protection

– Regular cleaning of the water surfaces

– Boat care (wash box over Rhine water)

– Well-maintained individual bathrooms with shower and toilet

– Use of organic detergents

- Washing machine and dryer

– Sewage suction system



– Free parking space for our tenants

– Free WiFi

– Own app for booking and information about

   your berth

– OnWater - Nautical Training Center

   for SBF inland and sea, radar and radio

– Rental boat lift: 100 EUR / day

– Bio Fuel / CARE Diesel

– EC card payment possible


Prices and additional costs


– Day boaters: EUR 2.00 per day

   per running meter + VAT

– Seasonal boaters: rent dependent

   according to ship's length and width

– Exhibition trailers: On request

Extra costs:

– Shower in private bathroom: EUR 3.00

– Washing machine or dryer: EUR 5.50

– Electricity column with meter: EUR 7.50

   Electricity: EUR 0.55 kwh + VAT 16/32/64 amps

– Garbage collection: 10.00 EUR / month

– Drinking water connection: 2.50 EUR / month

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